Chat with us, powered by LiveChat WordPress Plugin Extension - Spa Consultant WordPress Plugin Extension have successfully manage to connect two softwares to bring best of two worlds.

  1. I believe is one of the best softwares for appointment managing for spas and salons
  2. WordPress is the best website managing software

And now with the new WordPress plugin you can now increase the number of bookings by improving clients experience, decreasing distractions with external links to other websites to book their appointments.

Start with a slick look for your client experience when booking appointments:

We looked at the clients experience who’s never booked with you before. Ideally, we set down with clients who’s never used the website or been at location, and ask them to make an appointment. Have them narrate their thought process out loud. Ask questions if needed.

We wanted to know:

  • What confuses them? What’s complicated or unexplained?
  • What should be here, but isn’t? Is anything missing?
  • Is anything in the way, or preventing the user from accomplishing their main task?
  • Did the process seem easy or difficult? Was it fast, slow, or just right?
  • Did they have all the information they needed, or was anything unexplained?

From these questions, we were able to discern whether or not your bookings experience is designed appropriately for potential customers, or if it has a few bumps and lumps that need smoothed out.

The next steps from here should be relatively simple to figure out. If something is missing, add it. If the path to the bookings page is obstructed, clear the path!

Our goal was to ensure that visitors have a painless experience booking appointments. The easier the experience, the more likely they are to get to that bookings page. And from there, it’s all a matter of finding ways to boost conversions.

Beyond optimizing the basic elements of your site and online booking or any other clear call to action buttons.

Make the time needed to book appointment as short and secure as possible

When someone visits your site for the first time, it makes sense to subject them to a little bit of reading before they book an appointment with you or visit your location. After all, you want them to be happy with you, and feel confident that they’re choosing the best service provider or location.

But not every first visit results in a booking. And if a repeat visitor has to sit through the same few pages of repeat information before they can even begin the process, they might get bored, or frustrated, or confused. And then they might give up and leave.

And this is how you’ll look as you wait for bookings to come in.

This is why the path to booking should always be both short, clear and secure. Clients might visit you once before booking… or they might visit ten times. A direct path will accommodate everyone.

To be as direct as possible, add call to action (book now) buttons to go directly to booking in your website page, from your homepage, or from every service page. To secure the appointment for their client and the spa or salon they’re to agree to business policy is required.

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