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The Ultimate Client Upgrade: The Salon Sales Value Ladder Blue Print For New Clients

Just as with any small business, especially if you are attracting new clients to a brick and mortar location, there are a series of steps in which you attempt to bring in customers and guide them through the sales process. For a store, it’s a little easier as sales clerks can upsell an extra chocolate bar or a lipstick at the front counter, but as a salon or spa – or any business delivering a service – there’s a little more work that goes into securing that customer relationship. 

The Sales Value Ladder was created by Russell Brunson in his book, Dotcom Secrets. Essentially, it’s the steps in which businesses take to attract and promote right through to the final sale and future retention of customers. Each step of this ladder needs to engage current and potential clients while offering them something of value.

For spas, this first step may be to promote a free service or offer a substantial discount for first-time clients. Once you’ve gained their presence in your salon, you can then gather their email address, feedback, as well as ask for a review on social media/Google. From there, you can go on to the next step and deliver personalized emails to your client offering them an upgrade on another service or to book again. All the while, offering them value. And, once you’ve achieved these steps – you can go on to the Ultimate Client Upgrade – but we’ll tell you more on that later. 

What is Tripwire Marketing [ Bait ]?

A popular term being used by online marketers, “tripwire marketing” is actually a concept that has been around for a long time – even before the internet. It involves segmenting your leads into interest groups, selling them into a low priced item or service, and then up-selling to those customers to buy into one of your main products or services.

Many spa | salons decide to “throw in the bait”  in various different ways:

  • Run Ads on Social Media Platforms and as many places as you can.
  • Groupon
  • Give Away
  • Other promotions to gain NEW clients or obtain the public’s emails for analytics and email marketing. Other promotions to gain NEW clients or obtain the public’s emails for analytics and email marketing. 

Get The Client’s Email

Gathering emails and data on your clients is a huge benefit to spas and salons as once you have the client’s email you will NOT have to spend another $1 marketing to him or her. Instead, you can send occasional personalized emails to nurture the relationship with your clients. 
Samples of the types of emails you can send:

  • The Feedback Email
  • The Thank You Email
  • The Special Occasions Email
  • The Follow-Up Email
  • The Upsell Email – Service Promotion
  • Offer to upgrade your client’s service

The client has already invested their time to approach your business for a service, which means they already know the value that you deliver to their life. Your clients already trust you. In this regard, it will be much easier for you to attempt to upgrade their treatment plan with the purpose of helping or being beneficial to the client.

Upgrade Your Client Service For Massage Therapist

  • Extend the duration of the client’s treatment
  • Upgrade their massage to stone, aromatherapy, deep tissue or other upgrades that you might offer

As an esthetician, you have far more possibility to offer to upgrade to another peel or mask or any of the other 100s of different special types of equipment and treatments available in the esthetics realm. 

If you’re part of a large spa or salon, feel free to reach out to other professionals who work in your office to partner up and offer discounts and upgrades through each other’s services. For example, as a hairstylist, you can offer your clients 20% off of a facial at your salon – and the esthetician can, in turn, offer 20% off a blowout, etc. 

There’s also the “Ultimate Client Upgrade”, which we like to call it. This is where, as professionals within a spa or salon, you are able to upsell your client to purchase a series or membership to secure future business. Remember to not be too “salesy” and instead give value to your clients and let them know that with the membership or series, they will save a certain amount of money and have first dibs on various other services. You’re there to make their life easier, not the other way around.

Interested in learning more about the Sales Value Ladder as it pertains to your salon or spa? Reach out to a member of our team today to start a conversation.