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Why Every Local Business Needs To Add Rich Snippets On To Their Website For Better SEO & Marketing

What Is Schema Markup?

Schema markup was created by Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

The goal of schema was to create and provide support for a common group of tags that could be used by the search engines to better understand and display data.

This markup is used by many local brick and mortar shops in SEO to help appear in the SERPs for answer boxes, carousels, and other rich snippets that can be generated by this markup.

Who Can Benefit From Schema Markup?

In theory, just about any business can benefit from Schema markup to gain traction and a competitive edge in the SERPs.

In local SEO, schema markup generates SERP display data that is specific to certain businesses that appear as entities across the SERPs.

Businesses like spas, salons, attorneys, doctors, restaurants, electronic repair shops, small eateries, sandwich shops, electronic sales locations, and more use schema markup to help generate rich snippets for their businesses.

Rich Snippets & Schema Markup Benefits

Yes, fancy search results with star ratings receive all of the hype whenever folks speak schema. For good reason… who does not enjoy having celebrities in their own search listings? But, there are several more advantages beyond the obvious ones.

They think it will assist the search experience in order that they need your website in order to utilize it. Subsequently, you might find some brownie points out of them for implementing it. Brownie points which could result in some sweet, sweet advantages in search.

These advantages coming from Schema markup and ordered data (we will use these interchangeably) are precisely what we’ll cover in this blog.

Help Google understand your site’s content better

Truly, we’re just hoping to be known, right? I suggest the chief objective of SEO is communicating to search engines what your website is about (in legit manners ). This is just what schema markup was made for.

Hence that the main reason to utilize schema is to supply a clearer awareness of what your content is going to assist search engines surface your own articles to applicable searchers.

You may be saying…but does not Google understand everything? Certainly, they need to understand what my website is all about. Sure, together with machine learning, the information Google has, etc, it likely has a fantastic idea what your website is about if it ensures sports stats, homemade e-commerce goods, or arcade fan fiction. However, they are not 100% convinced of each stage. Schema is your opportunity to explicitly inform search engines what your movie is all about, the salary assortment of the job which you just submitted, and exactly what your customer support number is (to take three examples).

Adding schema to your website helps search engines know what your site is all about. But that’s merely the start of the positive aspects.